I’m Alex Wood, and I’m a Senior Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services. As of April 2019, I’m focused on building tools to delight developers of serverless applications built on AWS Lambda. Previously, I worked on the AWS SDK for Ruby for over 5 years, working to improve the overall experience of Ruby developers on AWS. I’m also the author of the Ruby runtime for AWS Lambda.

I’m always happy to hear your thoughts on Twitter, or drop me a line by email - I am not always able to reply but I read everything.

I live in Seattle where outside of work I try to move progressively heavier metal bars, and cook progressively more edible food (usually). I graduated with my degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Talks & Workshops

AWS re:Invent 2019

OSCON 2019

RailsConf 2019

No video for workshops at RailsConf 2019, but you can find the worksheet and sample code on GitHub.

RubyKaigi 2019

RailsConf 2018

AWS re:Invent 2017

RailsConf 2015

AWS re:Invent 2015

AWS re:Invent 2014

Podcast Appearances

  • Real World Serverless #29: In which AWS SAM and the AWS SAM CLI is discussed.
  • Ruby 5x5 #254: In which the announcement of Ruby support on AWS Lambda is discussed.
  • AWS Podcast #285: In which we have a group discussion on AWS Lamba Layers, and runtime development with an eye towards the approaches taken in Ruby and C++.
  • AWS Podcast #262: On the state of Ruby on AWS, before the launch of AWS Lambda support.
  • Ruby Rogues #218: On AWS deployments and web applications.