Since I’ve been sitting on this domain for a quick minute, I decided it was finally time to put something here. As such, welcome to my blog! Here I’m going to be keeping a bit of a record of what I’m working on. If I’m giving a talk or if I just pushed a new post to the AWS blogs, I’ll link to that here. When I do some interesting side projects, I’ll talk about those too. Hopefully it’s interesting!

For the last few years, my professional focus has been on the user experience for Ruby developers on Amazon Web Services. In the last few months in particular, I’ve been focused on shipping Ruby support for AWS Lambda, and on making that user experience great. As such, a lot of what I write about, including side projects, have to do with the “Ruby on AWS” space and open source.

It’s possible and likely that, at minimum for some time, I’m mostly writing posts for my own reference and, more or less, to myself and a small number of others. That’s going to be my style, but if you’re reading anything here and want me to talk about anything in particular, reach out! I’m always happy to hear from like-minded folks!